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Guidelines and Application forms are available only in Japanese. Please see our Japanese site for details.

Program Objectives and Target Issues

The grant of the Special Subject "Migrants and Japanese Society" will be given to projects that study any of the five issues below and implement measures to address these issues (for example, building a mechanism or system to solve an issue or improve a situation) during the grant period. 

(1) Creation of an environment for maximizing the skills and potential of foreign talent
(2) Minimizing gaps among foreign residents in their access to information
(3) Examination of human and other resources in support of the care and support systems for foreign residents
(4) Attracting skilled human resources from abroad
(5) Lessons from insights and experiences gained through Japanese companies’ overseas operations

Grant Framework

Proposal Submission Period From September 5 to November 19, 2022, 23:59 Japan Standard Time
Application Requirements Details are available in the Guidelines
Total Amount of Grants 50 million yen
Expected Grant Amount (per project) JPY 5,000,000 to JPY 10,000,000
Project Period Two years (May 2023 – Apr 2025) or Three years (May 2023 – Apr 2026)
Selection of Grants Formal decisions on the awarding of grants will be made by the Toyota Foundation Board of Directors at a meeting, based on the deliberations of responsible Selection Committee consisting of external experts.

Comments by Selection Committee Chair

Comments by the Selection Committee Chair on the Grant Program 2021このリンクは別ウィンドウで開きます

Grant List of 2021

TYTID Project Title Project Leader Position, Organization Grant Amount (yen)
D21-MG-0014 Prototyping financial inclusion system for financially excluded foreign residents based on participatory research for financial exclusion of foreign residents in Japan Tetsuo Kato REEP Foundation, Managing Director 5,350,000
D21-MG-0016 Survey on the actual conditions of employment of refugees living in the Tokai region and efforts to improve their working environment Maho Hadano Door to Asylum Nagoya, Coordinator 5,550,000
D21-MG-0017 Co-Creation Platform for Evidence Based Migration Policy Making Ryo Kanbayashi Hitotsubashi University, Professor 8,400,000
D21-MG-0028 Establishing a Multilingual Consultation Desk Network for Foreign Human Resource Inclusion in a Post-Corona Society and Developing a System for Training Professional Human Resources Yoshihiko Doi NGO Resource Center for Multicultural Community Tokai, Representative Director 8,400,000
D21-MG-0039 Issues and Measures for Human Resource Development of ASEAN Engineers Working in Japan Yuri Sadoi Faculty of Economics, Meijo University, Professor 7,600,000
D21-MG-0042 Research and Analysis of Changes in Mindset and Behavior of International Students and Human Resources in Companies through Mutual Mentoring and Systematization of Training Model Yu Shinagawa An-Nahal Inc., CEO & Founder 6,500,000
D21-MG-0045 Development and dissemination of a multilingual online health and wellbeing information crowdsourcing platform by a multinational team - Towards equitable access to healthcare Russell Miller University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Community and Global Health, Visiting Scientist 8,200,000
Total 7 50,000,000

Recommended Movies

Online Seminar 2021: "The Forefront of Accepting Foreign Human Resources: From the Field of Children, Employment, and Health"

We invited several grantees to report their projects online and digest movies are dubbed in English.

Session 1: "Childrearing and Institutions"

Session 2: "Inviting and Accepting Human Capital"

Session 3: "Communication in Healthcare"

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