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Research Grant Program

Research Grant Program 2012

Program Title: Exploring Knowledge to Build a Better Future

Program Objectives

"Exploring Knowledge to Build a Better Future," the program provides support for Joint Research Grant program (Category A), under the framework of “Research that aimed at creating new social value” (A1) and “Practical research that contributes to addressing social issues” (A2). We also welcome proposals for Individual Research Grant program (Category B), targeting younger researchers who are eager to contribute to society through research activities that can be expected to address social issues or explore new values for society.

Comments by Selection Committee Chair

Grant List

TYTID Project Title Project Leader Organization Grant Amount(yen)
Joint Research Catergory A1
D12-R-0064 The Study on Application of Participatory WebGIS to "Spatial Visualization of Community Problems" in Rural Vietnam Kazunobu Tsutsui Faculty of Regional Sciences, Tottori University 7,500,000
D12-R-0199 Research into Strategies for Primary and Lower Secondary School Reform to Improve Equality in Education Eisuke Saito National Institute of Education, Singapore 6,200,000
D12-R-0318 Voices of Possibility: Recording Oral Narratives of Community Rebuilding in Post 3.11 Tohoku David Slater Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University 4,600,000
D12-R-0736 Interdisciplinary Research on Post-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema and Society: Culture of Entertainment and Resistance under the Authoritarian Regime Mari Nukii Organization of Islamic Area Studies, Waseda University 5,700,000
D12-R-0796 Understanding the Restructure of the "Domestic Colonies" Resulting from the Nuclear Catastrophe: Construction of a New Agriculture and Rural Areas Research that Takes the Experience of "Kogai (Industrial Pollution in Modern Japan)" as its Frame of Reference Hideki Nakata International Peace Research Institute, Meiji Gakuin University 2,900,000
Joint Research Category A2
D12-R-0018 Possibilities of Sustainable "Development"and "Reconstruction"in Local Communities Facing with the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Noboru Watanabe Faculty of Humanities, Niigata University 7,000,000
D12-R-0164 Development of Sustainable Water Management System for Improving Health and Quality of Life among Postnatal Women Living in Urban Nepal Yoko Aihara Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi 2,300,000
D12-R-0529 Stock Management Practices for the Indigenous Shrimp Macrobrachium Yui in Northern Laos: An Attempt on Recovery of the Shrimp Stock with Local Community Participation Sayaka Ito Fisheries Division, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences 4,900,000
D12-R-0652 Joint Research for Developing a System to Prevent Repeating Crime Activities by Convicted Criminals in Japan Kyoko Abe World Open Heart 5,000,000
D12-R-0657 The Ideal and the Reality of Overseas North Korean Defectors: From the Perspective of Transnational Networks and Border Controls Kyungmook Kim School of International Liberal Studies, Chukyo University 5,300,000
D12-R-0767 Research on Therapeutic Support for Children with Type 2 Diabetes Onset in Adolescence: Focusing on the Continuity of Treatment and Therapy Katsuko Okimoto Faculty of Health and Welfare Science, Okayama Prefectural University 3,300,000
D12-R-0805 Conservation of Endangered Species through Traditional Lifestyles in Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, Cuba Lazaro Miguel Echenique-Diaz Environmental Education Center, Miyagi University of Education 5,900,000
D12-R-1133 Seeking a Solution to the Netherlands and Japan Relation over the Pacific War: Research Project of Internalization of "the Other's History" by Japanese Residents in the Netherlands and the Creation of a History Reconciliation Program from Private Sector Initiative that Responds to Local Needs Kaori Maekawa Foundation for the People Affected by the War in the Pacific: with Japanese Archives and Contacts 6,500,000
Individual Research Category B
D12-R-0025 Conservation Ecology of a Wild African Leopards (Panthera Pardus) in Urban Landscape in and around Nairobi National Par Yumi Yamane Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University 1,000,000
D12-R-0106 Natural Resource Management in Mount Dayao, Guangxi Prefecture, China Masumi Kikuchi School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University 700,000
D12-R-0126 Reconstruction of Regional Economy in African Post-conflict Society: New Order Building among Local Livelihoods Rumiko Murao Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 1,500,000
D12-R-0241 The Primary Factors of Historical Changes to the Distribution of Wild Animals in Japan: Aiming for the Establishment of Archaeozoology Takeshi Yamazaki Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties 1,600,000
D12-R-0281 Creating New Views on Death and Life for Non-experienced Generations: From the Case Studies of Islands in East Asia Region in the Post-conflict Era Sungman Koh Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University 1,500,000
D12-R-0351 Social Democracy in International History: Cold War, Philanthropy and Democratic Socialism Masato Karashima Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University 1,300,000
D12-R-0586 Establishing Childcare Networks Approaching Issues in Closed Mine Area: Focusing on the 15 years' Activity of "Chikuhou Kosodate Network" Haruko Aito WILL: Support for Civil Society Groups in Childcare Activities 790,000
D12-R-0632 A Study on Factors Promoting Adherence to Medications in Vulnerable Groups Akie Kyo Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University 1,500,000
D12-R-0644 The Judo Dojo as a "Contact Zone" : Processes and Struggles of Japanese Immigrants Seeking Re-settlement through the Judo Gym Yosuke Washiya Graduate School of Excercise Sciences, University of Toronto 1,200,000
D12-R-0746 Historiographical Examination on the Development in Okinawa and Japan after World War II, Related to "the Battle of Okinawa" and "U.S. Military Bases" Makoto Sakurazawa College of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University 1,700,000
D12-R-0759 Society and History of the Chinese Yellow Sea Islands: An Anthropological Approach to the Islands Hiromi Ogata College of Engineering and Design, Shibaura Institute of Technology 1,500,000
D12-R-0761 Memories of Atomic Bombing and Story-telling Activities by Atomic Bomb Survivors in the U.S.: An Anthropological Study on Violence, Society, and Victims Masaya Nemoto Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University 1,400,000
D12-R-0853 "Ying Fu Chu Zai" through Masked Performances: A Social Anthropological Study of "She Qu" and Community in Jiangnan, China Yoshitaka Kawase Graduate School of Humanities, Tokyo Metropolitan University 1,600,000
D12-R-0889 A Sociological Analysis of the Social Mechanisms to Produce Ethnic Minorities in Post-WWII East and Southeast Asia and the Possibility of their Multicultural Symbiosis: A Case Study of Overseas Taiwanese in the Ryukyu Islands Shohei Yao Organization for Asian Studies, Waseda University 1,400,000
D12-R-0919 Formative Justice for Rebuilding Security in Post Separatist Conflict: the Case of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines Meg Kagawa Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University 2,000,000
D12-R-0940 An Involvement of Hinduism and Buddhism of Nepal in Dapha Music and its Tradition Joshi Sawan Department of Music Research, Tokyo University of Arts 900,000
D12-R-0949 Resilience of Newly Graduated Nurses: How have they Gained Mental Recovery? Tomomi Nukui Gunma University Graduate School of Health Sciences 700,000
D12-R-0985 The Possibility of Social Capital in Multicultural Area: Toward Structured Educational Support for Newcomer 2nd Generations Akiko Miura Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University 1,000,000
D12-R-0988 Development and Evaluation of an Education Program for Eating and Mind among Adolescents: Body, Eating and Mind (BEAM) Project Naomi Chisuwa Graduate School of Human Life Science, Osaka City University 1,700,000
D12-R-1126 Baseline Study on the Activities and Impacts of Islamic NGOs in Palestine: Toward the Formulation of Visions and Methods for the Cooperation between the Japanese Civil Society and Islamic NGOs. Taizo Imano Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University 1,500,000
D12-R-1138 The Role Played by Traditional Apiculture of the Japanese Honey Bee as "Asobi Shigoto (Playful Work)" in the Conservation of the Local Eco-system Koji Mizota Environmental Education Center, Miyagi University of Education 1,500,000

For details of each project, please move to our "Search Projects" page, and search by each project's TYTID (for example: D12-R-00XX).

Grant Framework

Application Period Application is closed for FY2012
Amount of Grants Category A: Up to ten million yen per project
Category B: One million yen to two million yen per project
Total Amount of Grants 100 million yen (for both Joint and Individual projects)
Period of Grants One or two years, beginning November 1st, 2012
Selection of Grants Formal decisions on the awarding of grants will be made by the Toyota Foundation Board of Directors at meetings to be held in late September or October 2012, based on the deliberations of a selection committee consisting of outside experts.

Program Guidelines and Application Form

  • Proposal GuidelinesPDFファイル(479KB)
  • Application Form Samples
    Joint Research Grants 1PDFファイル(316KB)
    Joint Research Grants 2PDFファイル(274KB)
    Individual Research GrantsPDFファイル(266KB)

    ーGrant Typesー
    Category A (Joint Research)
    1. Research that aimed at creating new social value
    2. Practical research that contributes to addressing social issues

    Category B (Individual Research)
    This framework is aimed at supporting individual researches conducted by promising researchers, particularly young researchers or those who do not belong to universities or formal research institutions. We expect proposals from any field or topic provided that the researcher has adopted a free-minded and innovative perspective and approach, and that the research can contribute positively to the researcher’s own future.

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