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About Us

The Toyota Foundation Code of Conduct

The Toyota Foundation is pleased to announce that the "Code of Conduct" was approved at the latest Board of Directors meeting.  All the executives and the staff members of the Toyota Foundation shall
honor this "Code of Conduct"  both on the ground and at the working place to realize "Greater Happiness of Human Being," which is the founding idea of the Toyota Foundation.


The Toyota Foundation is a private grant-making foundation endowed and established by the Toyota Motor Co. and the Toyota Motor Sales Co. (later on, the two Toyotas forged a merger to form the present Toyota Motor Co.) under the concept of, “In Pursuit of Greater Happiness of Human Being, thereby Contributing to Development of Welfare Society in Future.”
Led by this altruistic concept, the Toyota Foundation made grants to a wide range of initiatives, responding to changing times.  Lately, with determination, the Toyota Foundation has begun shaking up its grant-making activities to precisely keep up with dramatically transforming conditions in the world around us, driven by further globalization, swift progress of the digital revolution, and, the accelerated decline of the domestic birth rate of Japan.  To address this innovative task and bear fruit, we, both executives and staff members of the Toyota Foundation, shall not only adhere to social norms but also abide by this “Code of Conduct,” that is an anchor of what we do.

About Social Challenges

We shall foresightedly identify pressing social challenges and proactively design and run the grant-making programs to pave the way for problem resolution. Because we are a member of the Toyota Foundation established aiming to realize “Greater Happiness of Human Being.”

About Grant Awardees

We shall listen to grant awardees, with deep respect and humbleness, learn insights born on the ground, and nurture trust with them.  And we shall make grant out of this trust.  Because those who would tackle challenges squarely from the front and change society are none but the grant-awardees struggling on the ground.

About Knowledgeable Persons

We shall actively seek ideas from a wide range of knowledgeable persons to shape our grant programs better.  Because challenges that society is saddled with are complex and intelligence of the knowledgeable persons is indispensable to find out the whole picture and figure out a road map to a solution.

About Fellow Staff Members at the Workplace

We shall always respect fellow staff members at the workplace, even if they have opposing points of view.  Because regardless of status, performance, gender, age, career, employment style, all the staff members of the Toyota Foundation are one people to march forward, hand in hand, to realize “Greater Happiness of Human Being.”

About Other Private Grant Makers

We shall actively partner with other private grant-makers, making the best use of our lessons and knowledge accumulated.  Because activating the entire private grant-makers, not just the Toyota Foundation, would be conducive to cope with multiple and complex challenges people are facing.

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