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Grant Program for Community Activities in Japan

Grant Program for Community Activities

Fostering the Autonomous Society under “New Normal” Based upon
the Inventive Ideas

From the current fiscal year, Grant Program for Community Activities in Japan is to focus upon solidly, more
than ever, sustainability and development potential of not only local neighborhoods but also the entire

Japanese society. Also, the Grant Program attaches importance to make maximum use of the latest infor-
mation and communication technology, conducive to invent social values and structures through efforts

not restricted by current systems, existing methods, and ready-made ideas.
1Invention of Social Services and Development of Human Resources in the Entire Japanese Society
The projects aiming to address the challenges exposed by COVID-19

2Establishment and Conservation of Community-Based Platforms to Sustain the Local Neighbor-
hoods by Co-creation

The projects intending to give birth to the new architecture of collaboration and participation to support
the local neighborhoods without exclusively depending on conventional methods, practical wisdom, and
tacit knowledge.

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