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International Grant Program

International Grant Program 2017

Program Title: Cultivating Empathy Through Learning from Our Neighbors:
Practitioners' Exchange on Common Issues in Asia

Program Objectives

The grant program focuses on deepening mutual understanding and knowledge-sharing among people on the ground in East and Southeast Asia who are finding solutions to shared issues. Through promoting direct interaction among key players, the grant program aims to survey and analyze situations in target countries, obtain new perspectives, and expand the potential of future generations.

With multinational teams comprised of participants from diverse backgrounds, projects can avoid conventional linear relationships, such as “supporter and supported” or “instructor and trainee,” and instead form cooperative and creative alliances that consider, act on, and construct solutions to shared issues. The grant program anticipates that these partnerships, which extend beyond such factors as nationality, age, and organizational affiliation, will produce significant social change through fostering a process of mutual learning.

  • Comments by the Selection Committee Chair on the International Grant Program 2017

Grant List

TYTID Project Title Project Leader Position, Organization Grant Amount (yen)
A. Multigenerational and Multicultural Inclusion in Communities
D17-N-0030 Development of supporting social independence for disabled children through sports in Japan and China as the first step toward Asia wise program Atsuko Ohama President, Non-Profit Corporation Smile Club 7,000,000
D17-N-0097 Capturing Multiethnic Japan: Foreign Students and Japanese Learning to Live Together Dipesh Kharel Researcher, The University of Tokyo 7,500,000
D17-N-0125 Locating Peace through Diversity: the Cases of Thailand's Deep South and Indonesia's Aceh Province Napisa Waitoolkiat Director, College of ASEAN Community Studies, Naresuan University 4,500,000
D17-N-0126 Policy recommendations to be made by migrants through proactive exchange and learning among migrants in Japan and Korea Toshihiro Menju Managing Director, Japan Center for International Exchange 6,500,000
D17-N-0238 Through Visual Expressions: Retrieving Confidence within Marriage Migrant Women Yun Ju Chou Freelance Art Programmer 4,500,000
Subtotal 5 30,000,000
B. Creating New Culture: Toward a Common Platform for Asia
D17-N-0038 The Preservation and Bonds of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan’s "Forest with Traditions" that connects the seas, villages, rivers, and mountains Choonja Lee Part‐time Lecturer, Kobe women's university 6,000,000
D17-N-0107 Developing East Asian model for utilization of genetic resources and related traditional knowledge in Japan, China, and Korea: Practices on traditional vegetables and beekeeping Ryo Kohsaka Professor, Tohoku University Graduate school of Environmental Studies 5,000,000
D17-N-0155 Network-building and Bamboo Workshop manual making towards redefining the value of traditional lifestyle in rural Japan, Philippines and Myanmar Ayaka Yamashita Director, EDAYA 4,200,000
D17-N-0256 Community art project between afflicted areas of Japan and Aceh Yuichi Watanabe Secretary General, The Laboratory for Global Dialogue 7,000,000
D17-N-0257 Reclaiming the joys of agriculture through theater: connecting rural landscapes in Asia Kenichi Abe Professor, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature 7,500,000
Subtotal 5 29,700,000
C. Open Field
D17-N-0048 Establishing a Platform for the East Asian Inclusive City Network: From divided to inclusive cities Hong-Gyu Jeon Vice Director and Professor, Osaka City University Urban Research Plaza 7,300,000
D17-N-0049 Finding Best Practices for Tackling Climate Change: Increasing Urban Resilience in Southeast Asian Cities Kotchakorn Voraakhom CEO and Founder, Porous City Network 7,000,000
D17-N-0160 Implementation of Art-Environmental Education events and development of teaching material in Cambodia and Myanmar: Toward learning and solving problems on garbage problem Hidetaka Nakamura Executive Director, Social Compass 4,500,000
D17-N-0185 Building joint research network for promoting basic education and literacy in Asia Takamichi Uesugi President, Japanese Society for the Study of Basic Education and Literacies 7,000,000
D17-N-0250 A community-oriented and watershed-based approach for harmonizing environmental conservation and regional economy in Indonesia, Philippines and Japan Ryohei Kada Professor, Shijonawate Gakuen University 7,300,000
D17-N-0280 Advancing sustainable organic farming in Asia: A focus on Japan, Philippines and Vietnam Yuka Matsushima Co-Founder and Vice President, CROSS FIELDS 7,200,000
Subtotal 6 40,300,000
Total 16 100,000,000

Grant Framework

Please read through the Guidelines for details.

Target Countries East and Southeast Asia *1
Thematic Areas A. Multigenerational and Multicultural Inclusion in Communities
B. Creating New Culture: Toward a Common Platform for Asia
C. Open Field
Project Period One year (Nov 2017 – Oct 2018) or Two years (Nov 2017 – Oct 2019)
Expected Output Projects are required to;
1) identify issues and conduct a review by surveying and analyzing the situation in target countries;
2) carry out activities aimed at providing solutions to issues;
3) produce and disseminate tangible output; and
4) submit the “Record of Change.”
Potential Applicants Diverse team based in multiple target countries. Team members could include those with practical experience and knowledge on addressing issues in the target countries, such as practitioners, researchers, creators, policy makers, and journalists and other media representatives.
Grant Amount (maximum per project) a) One-year project: JPY 5,000,000 (approx. USD 44,500);
b) Two-year project: JPY 10,000,000 (approx. USD 89,000)
Total Amount of Grants 100 million yen
Public Notification Period From March 24th to June 20th, 2017, 23:59 Japan Standard Time
Proposal Submission Period From April 4th to June 20th, 2017, 23:59 Japan Standard Time
Applications Web-based application via Foundation website only
Selection of Grants Formal decisions on the awarding of grants will be made by the Toyota Foundation Board of Directors at a meeting to be held in late September 2017, based on the deliberations of responsible Selection Committee consisting of external experts.

*1 East Asia: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia, Japan
   Southeast Asia: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines,
   Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam

Please also see FAQs.

Program Guidelines and Application Form

The application closed on June 20, 2017.
Thank you for your interest.

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