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International Grant Program

International Grant Program 2013

Asian Neighbors Program

Program Title: Toward Solutions Through Mutual Learning:
Issues That Emerging Southeast Asia And Japan Share

Program Objectives

Dynamic changes have transformed many, if not all, countries in Asia. A number of countries in the region have become more prosperous. These countries will soon share similar challenges with Japan. As equals, Japan and these countries need to create a new style of cooperation. Benefit from mutual learning gets larger than ever before.

Comments by Selection Committee Chair

Grant List

TYTID Project Title Project Leader Position, Organization Grant Amount (Yen)
Aging Society
D13-N-0022 The Roles and Contributions of Home and Community-based Care-givers for Older People in Vietnam: Review of Current Practices for Policy Formulation Bui Dai Thu Vice Director, Institute of Social and Medical Studies 2,200,000
D13-N-0072 Policies to Strengthen Regional Older People’s Organizations to Promote Older People’s Participation in Their Communities Eduardo Klien East Asia/Pacific Regional Director, Help Age International 4,200,000
D13-N-0086 Ageing Asia and Condition of Foreign Care Workers:” Towards Competence Based Human Resource Development and Harmonization of Care” Wako Asato Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University 5,600,000
D13-N-0106 Community-based Integrated Approarch for Older Persons’ Long-term Care in Thailand Worawet Suwanrada Dean, Associate Professor, College of Population Studies, Chulalongkorn University 2,600,000
D13-N-0132 Harmonization of the Standard of Long-term Care Certificate between Japan and Indonesia Taeko Ogawa President, Asian Aging Business Center 3,800,000
D13-N-0193 Thailand as a Hospitable and Inclusive Retirement Destination: Promoting Job Prospects of Foreign Retirees in Thailand Yongyuth Chalamwong Research Director, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) 2,000,000
Multicultural Society
D13-N-0026 Role of Local Governments’ Policies in Creating Multicultural Society: Review of Policy and Practices to Manage/ Support Migrants in Municipality / Provincial Level in Thailand and Japan Kyoko Kusakabe Associate Professor, Asian Institute of Technology 4,400,000
D13-N-0029 Construction of “Glocal” and Educational Support Model for the Future of Filipino Children in Japan Haruko Uchida Member, Learning with Filipino Children Support Group 1,800,000
D13-N-0042 Advocacy and Participatory Action Research on Foreign Migrants Social Inclusion in Tohoku Reconstruction and in Japanese Society Kathryn Doria Goto Tohoku Project Coordinator, Center of Japanese-Filipino Families 1,900,000
D13-N-0097 Policy Proposal to Promote Bilingual Education with the Intention of Ensuring Language Acquisition for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students Shizuyo Yoshitomi General Director, World Kids Community / Osaka University 2,400,000
D13-N-0170 The Reintegration/Integration of Unskilled Migrant Workers: The Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand Experience Aniceto Orbeta Senior Research Fellow, Philippine Institute for Development Studies 4,000,000
D13-N-0207 Embracing Diversity: Advocating Educational Reform to Promote Multicultural Values and Mutual Understanding Between Migrant and Local Communities Reiko Harima Regional Coordinator, Mekong Migration Network 3,500,000
Consensus-building on Local Environmental Issues
D13-N-0017 Draw Lessons from Successful Consensus Building Processes on Local Energy Planning Approach as a Solution for Sustainable Energy Development in Vietnam Through Multi-stakeholders Dialogue and Policy Recommendations Nguy Thi Khanh Executive Director, Green Innovation and Development Centre (GreenID) 2,400,000
D13-N-0060 Community-based Management of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services Beyond Conservation Areas in West Java Indonesia: Participatory Policy Making Process for a Mutual Consensus Parikesit PhD, Institute of Ecology/Graduate Program on Environmental Studies, Padjadjaran University 2,000,000
D13-N-0080 The Construction of a Platform for Mutual Learning and Mutual Support between Japan and the Developing Nations of Southeast Asia in Disaster-related Fields Hirokazu Nagata Deputy Executive Director, Design and Creative Center Kobe 3,500,000
D13-N-0123 Drawing Grounded Lessons from the Practice of Consensus Building in Asia Masahiro Matsuura Associate Professor (project appointment), University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Public Policy 4,100,000
D13-N-0140 Bridging Policy Practice Gap in the Effective Implementation of REDD+ Programs in SE Asia: Collaborative Learning among Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam Ganesh Shivakoti Professor, Asian Institute of Technology 3,200,000
Consensus-building on Local Environmental Issues
D13-N-0209 Building a Common Platform of Local Government and the People in Restoring Customary Forests in Lebak District, Indonesia Myrna Asnawati Safitri Executive Director, Epistema Institute 2,100,000
D13-N-0224 Recommendations to Stipulate Local Environmental Issues in the New National Law on Urban Development Marco Kusumawijaya Executive Director, Rujak Center for Urban Studies 2,100,000
D13-N-0229 In Search of the Sustainable Consensus on Environmental Disputes in Aceh Saiful Mahdi Director, The International Centre for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS) 2,200,000

For details of each project, please move to our "Search Projects" page, and search by each project's TYTID (for example: D16-N-00XX).

Grant Framework

Target Countries Indonesia, Japan , Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
Thematic Areas a) Aging society; b) Multicultural society;
c) Consensus-building on local environmental issues
Project Duration One year (Nov 2013 – Oct 2014)
Expected output A policy recommendation based on the existing evidence, that dissemination / dialogue with policy makers and relevant stakeholders
Potential Applicants A team or a network of members from various backgrounds, with a proven record of delivering results in one of the thematic areas (priority is given to habitants in those five countries)
Grant amount (maximum per project) a) Project focusing in one of the target countries: 3 million yen
b) Project focusing in more than two countries with comparative nature: 6 million yenmillion yen
Total amount of grants 60 million yen
Applications Web-based application via Foundation website only
Application period Application closed
Selection of grants Formal decisions on the awarding of grants will be made by the Toyota Foundation Board of Directors at meetings to be held in late September 2013, based on the deliberations of responsible Selection Committee consisting of external experts.

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