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International Grant Program

Asian Neighbors Program 2012

Asian Neighbors Program

Program Title: Prospects for the Future

Program Objectives

In fiscal 2012, as a one-year limited special purpose grant program, the Foundation invites people who have been working in Asian countries to address issues and compile a record of past activities and a “Prospect for the future” to show an encouraging vision for future Asian societies, including Japan.

Comments by Selection Committee Chair

Grant List

TYTID Project Title Project Leader Representative Organization GrantAmount(Yen)
D12-N-0006 Post Natural Disaster Management Practitioners Workshop for Asia Sabur, Mohammad Abdus Asian Resource Foundation 2,500,000
D12-N-0018 Promotion of Social Participation of People with Disabilities by Creating Employment Opportunities ? Exchange of innovative practices and experiences of employment support? and income generation by people with disabilities in Asia Katsunori Fujii Workability Asia 2,600,000
D12-N-0028 Learning from Experiences in Community Development in Southeast Asia Atsuko Isoda Japan International Volunteer Center 2,500,000
D12-N-0035 Reconsideration of the current OISCA methods of Capacity Building and the interactive meeting of influential personnel towards an innovative future of capacity building :aiming for a self-reliant and sustainable society Yasuaki Nagaishi OISCA Japan 2,800,000
D12-N-0045 “Open Sogo-Fujo “ Network towards Coexistence of Diversity in Asia Shigeru Suganami AMDA (The Association of Medical Doctors of Asia) 2,500,000
D12-N-0050 Changing water use in the Ganges valley :Towards a new society without a gap in water supplies Hiroshi Yokota Asia Arsenic Network 2,500,000
D12-N-0051 Urban Conservation Network in Asia and Its Future :Heritage, Cultural Identities and Asian Dynamism Masahiro Muro Nara Machizukuri Center Incorporated Association 2,500,000
D12-N-0077 Promoting mutual understanding through environmental cooperation ? In case of tree-planting project in Huangtu plateau in China Hisayuki Maenaka Certified non-profit corporation Green Earth Network 2,500,000
D12-N-0078 Towards a new model of community development based on local culture and nature through collaboration among multistakeholders - Finding appropriate roles of outsiders by learning from experience of practitioners in Indonesia and Japan Makoto Nagahata i-i-network (Research & Action for Community Governance) 2,800,000
D12-N-0080 The verification, recording and sharing of “Roles and Relationship between an International NGO and a National/Local NGO” in SHAPLA NEER : For the establishment and promotion of outstanding partnership considered MDGs and CSO development effectiveness Tetsuo Tsutsui SHAPLA NEER = Citizens’ Committee in Japan for Overseas Support 2,700,000
D12-N-0105 The Grass Roots Development Activities in Myanmar and Vietnam :Drawing the Future Prospects from Success and Failure from the Past Etsuko Nemoto Bridge Asia Japan 2,900,000
D12-N-0119 New Paradigm of Collaboration among Asian NGOs and Role of Asian Community Trust (ACT) - Strategy Conference of ACT Secretariat and Leaders of its Local NGO Partners in Asia Michio Ito Asian Community Center 21 (ACC21) 2,800,000
D12-N-0120 Aiming to create an equal society through reducing the disparity in health services - Practicing a participatory health promotion based on Primary Health Care Toru Honda Services for The Health in Asian & African Regions (SHARE) 2,800,000
D12-N-0132 Natural Environment Management with Community Initiative: Learning through case studies of micro watershed management Nobuaki Wada SOMNEED -Society for Mutual aid, Networking, Environment, Education & Development 2,700,000
D12-N-0143 Identity Based Development: Exploring how culture and identity can be a springboard for relevant and sustainable development among Asia’s ethnolinguistic minorities Smith, Philip SIL International, LEAD Asia Unit 2,400,000
D12-N-0145 From sustainable livelihoods to green economies, best practices for working on poverty alleviation and equitable conservation at scale, Experience Sharing workshop of the WWF practitioners from Asia offices Cristina Eghenter WWF Indonesia 2,500,000
D12-N-0152 Policy Proposals for our Future Civil Society Exchanges among NGOs in East Asia and the Mekong Region for the promotion of development and resource management that respects peoples’ livelihoods Yuka Kiguchi Mekong Watch 2,800,000
D12-N-0158 Collaborative Efforts to Improve Awareness and Livelihood of Multicultural Families in Asia Myung-Ken Lee Global Together 2,400,000
D12-N-0168 Workshop on curbing deforestation and seeking an ideal balance between sustainable utilization of forest resources and forest conservation that respects rights of indigenous and local communities: “Recommendations for the future of tropical forests in South East Asia” Randal Helten Friends of the Earth Japan 2,600,000

For details of each project, please move to our "Search Projects" page, and search by each project's TYTID (for example: D12-N-00XX).

Grant Framework

Please read through the Guidelines for details.

Thematic Areas 1. Dealing with changing livelihoods
2. Strengthening social mechanisms to support individuals’ lives
3. Exploring multi-cultural societies
Project Period One year beginning November 1, 2012
Grant Amount (maximum per project) Up to three million yen per project
Project Proposal Period June 4 to July 6, 2012

Please also see FAQs.

Program Guidelines and Application Form[Sample]

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